About Picture It Personal


The Product...

Picture It Personal gives you or someone you care about a truly unique way to celebrate a special love or memorable moment. The first step in creating your art is capturing a beautiful scene. Next your names are added by hand at no extra charge using photo editing software. This personal touch by the artist is what makes your custom art appear so realistic. Your personalization will appear as though it was always a part of the image. This individual attention given to each order ensures that you receive a very special product - no two are alike!  All prints and canvas gallery wraps are professionally produced with the highest quality materials for a lifetime of beauty (archival rating of 100+ years). 

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The Company...

I'm April, the artist behind Picture It Personal. I'm a self-taught photographer inspired by the beauty I see in the natural world. Hunting for an inspiring shot is a passion that has never left me. In 2009 my family relocated to New York and I had the chance for a fresh start in my professional life. This business began when a friend and I were brainstorming for ways that I could bring in income for my young family by using my photography skills- something I had always dreamed of doing! The idea that emerged was to create photo art by infusing images with personal meaning, resulting in a product that people could connect with in their own unique way.  I looked around and saw so many personalized gift ideas out there... but not many in the way of quality photographic art. My creative small business was born.  I started by opening a shop on Etsy.com which was the first shop of its kind on the platform. The first few years have brought some exciting opportunities including licensing deals and filming for ABC's Shark Tank ("impossible to scale" said Kevin...but that's OK because being handmade and personal is important to this company. A mass produced personalized art print just wouldn't be the same). Picture It Personal continues to be a leader in providing unique personalized photographs.  It’s been wonderful to watch the business grow and change over time, and it has brought me joy to create something that touches the lives of others.

As a solopreneur I am intimately involved with every aspect of the business. Not only will you be receiving a one-of-a kind image that I have photographed and edited by hand with my “digital darkroom” tools, but you will also receive personalized service that’s hard to find at the big-box stores. I know how important each and every customer is to my business. I do everything I can to make sure you receive a product you love and give you the personal attention you deserve.