It's Almost Beach Time

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Spring is finally here and it’s time to start thinking ahead to warmer days and all the things we love about summer, including the beach.  I’d like to introduce my newest beach pictures that can be personalized just for you. These photographs feature Sanibel Island, Florida- one of my favorite photography spots for nature and birds. I’ll be adding more soon so please check back from time to time!

I am always on the hunt for a good sunset pic, and was really pleased with the soft colors in this one:


The pair of palm trees in the following picture reminded me of a couple in love.  I added this picture to my website in the fall of 2017, right around the time of the Hurricanes that devastated parts of the Caribbean. More than six months after the disaster, 100,000 people are still without power, thousands are homeless, and there are still food and water shortages. Since I added this picture to my website, all profits from it have gone to Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Puerto Rico.  Puerto Ricans still need our help!  There are many charities accepting donations for this cause.


Sanibel Island is known for its seashells. I thought for this picture it would be fun to include the word “love” in shells. You can add your own names, date or short message in the beach sand for a unique print:


Coming soon- this shot of a dead tree still standing on the seashore was taken at Lovers Key State Park in Florida. I saw a perfect opportunity to combine a tree that can be "carved" in, and a beach into one beautiful scene:

I hope you have a wonderful summer and get a chance to feel the sand in your toes!

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