8 Ways to Use Leaves as Portrait Props

Posted on October 02, 2016 by April Lahti | 0 comments

In my part of the world the autumn season brings with it an explosion of color and many photo opportunities. Not only is it a great time to capture nature’s beauty, but it’s also a perfect time to get some very unique portraits. I’m focusing specifically on leaves in this post and I’ve gathered some fun and creative ideas from around the web on how to use these natural beauties in your photography this fall.

1. Even the youngest of subjects seem to be fascinated by the colors and textures of fall leaves.  Try laying your babies down in the leaves and watch their eyes light up:

2. The belly pose is always a cute shot for kids.  Try getting several kids in a leaf pile together- it will surely bring out those smiles (OK my son's smile is a little fake- he didn't like being sandwiched between his sister and cousin)!

3. Here’s another great angle for littles in the leaves (photo by Dan Zen):

4. Another no fail plan for a great natural shot is to have kids throw  leaves into the air- no forced smiles here (photo by Seth Lemmons)!

5. Once you make sure there isn’t anything nasty or sharp in your freshly raked leaf pile, get some shots of the kids jumping in (photo by Patrick):

6. Use leaves in a portrait to replace the traditional bouquet (photo by Vladimir Pustovit):

7.  Autumn is a great time for family portraits too.  The leaves can provide a stunning backdrop for any family photo:

8. And don't forget to use the colorful boughs to frame your family shots:

If you have other ideas for how to use the autumn leaves as portrait props, please share in the comments below. Enjoy your fall!

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