The Story of Brandi and Todd

Posted on May 01, 2020 by April Lahti | 0 comments

Congrats to Brandi and Todd-  the first couple to win our new monthly giveaway for a free personalized print!  Brandi describes their story:

"Todd and I met over two years ago. He is an emergency services instructor. I took his CPR class and signed up for his EMT class. After the class was over we kept in touch and after meeting up a few times with others from the class, we both knew their was something between us so he ask me out in a way that made me unsure if it was actually a date. Things progressed from there and now I am engaged to the most amazing man and paramedic in this world. He has devoted his life to caring for people and has a true passion for teaching. We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary on the 25th and it has been the most amazing year for both of us. My fiancé chose the barn photo as a gift for me. He said he liked it best with what he was wanting to do. It looks awesome on my wall!"

We'd love to hear your story.  All you have to do is message us on Facebook or Instagram with a picture of your personalized art and a brief description of your story.  The winner will be notified and posted to Facebook and Instagram at the end of the month!

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